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4 kinds of bead, tile and cross stitch design programs.

We offer you 4 independent bead pattern design softwares for professionals and beginners. All of them are for Windows OS. We offer the following bead pattern programs:

Beaded design scheme 'Rose Bouquet' created in bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'
Bead-n-Stitch creates a classic beaded and/or cross stitch design. The program itself puts all beads \ stitches on a rectangular grid. The user selects the beads \ cross palette (Delica, DMC) and can set the source image \ photo (jpg, png). The program selects the colors of beads in the palette based on the photos. Also user can draw everything yourself (blank canvas). In one work can be used simultaneously beads only one sizes. Beads can not be rotated in the plane of the canvas. See a details below.
Design 'awake', created in the program BeadCreatorArt
BeadCreatorArt allows the user to draw beads over the photo. Beads can be located at any point of the canvas. Beads of different sizes can be used simultaneously in one work. Beads can be rotated in the plane of the canvas. See a details here
3D peyote star design 'Beetle(insect)', created in the program PeyoteCreator
PeyoteCreator creates Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. It works with such beading pattern formats as 3D Peyote Start (4-16 rays), 3D Jungle Bell, Peyote Triangle, Warped Square, 3D Pod, 3D ball and their generalizations into 5-12 zones. Also it creates classic beading design – peyote, peyote2-9, brick, raw angle way. See a details here.
Design from your photo in TileMosaicDesigner software
TileMosaicDesigner works with tile mosaic. It allows creating classic mosaic design. See a details here.

Bead pattern program tool for Beading, Cross-Stitching and Combined Art


Bead-n-Stitch (BnS) software creates a digital pattern for bead weaving, bead or cross stitch embroidery, as well as combining beads and stitches in one work of art! This software is created by Igor Kotelevskii, perhaps you are familiar with BeadCreatorPro (BCP) – it was his previous work. BnS isn’t the next version of BCP, the source code of BnS was completely re-written with new ideas and to BCP shortcomings eliminate. As a result, BnS is superior to BCP in several ways, including: new types of created bead works; additional appearance options of ready beadworks; it is convenient to use the program. Import photos & designs – BnS imports photos or image files. As well it imports BCP files into its internal format and can edit them. BCP has not been updated for about 10 years, is outdated and may have errors. That is, the migration of BCP users to this new program occurs without losing their previous work with BCP. Moreover, this transition will make it possible to use the capabilities of BnS to create a modern commercially attractive design and printing of finished bead works. Blank Canvas or design from scratch. You choose a grid shape (loom, peyote, brick…), its size and start drawing. BnS allows putting any image under this electronic canvas and display it in a translucent mode. Thus, it’s very convenient to draw the layout of the bracelet, necklace, etc. Software can convert the letters of the selected font into the beads inscription and put it on your art. Software for professionals and beginners. BnS has many fine-tuning options and allows real art works creation. But it is suitable for less experienced users also. To get started, it is enough to learn only 2 of its dialogue – the creation of the design by photo and the output design for printing in PDF. At the same time, it always offers the most common default values for all parameters. At the same time, professionals will find a lot of useful tools in the program. Regular updating – BnS is regularly updated – more than 50 updates only for this version 5, but there were earlier versions 4,3,2,1. As a rule they were a response to user requests. Therefore, BnS is very well tested. Another result of these updates – BnS is fully compatible with all PC operating systems: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and xx. BnS as all other Windows programs runs well on Macs with Intel processors and the addition of other software. Standrd Mac requirements is here.

Bead-n-Stitch features in 3 aspects
1) Types of created design2) Design presentation capabilities for printing3) Tools to perform basic design tasks
  • Circular design format.
  • Different bead’s shapes usage simultaneously.
  • Design with beads, cross stitches and both at the same time.
  • Partial design by beads and \ or cross stitches.
  • Design in the style of Stoyanka Ivanova (beads \ cross stitches multiple size).
  • Design in shades of gray (Sepia).
  • Built-in editor for creating \ editing palettes.
  • Using several different palettes in the design.
  • Beading design of all standard formats and built-in editor of your own formats.
Beaded design scheme 'Rose Bouquet' created in bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'
  • Graphic images of design (png, jpg, bmp) with a given high resolution DPI.
  • The original image (photo) in the gaps between the beads \ cross stitches.
  • Setting the color and size of the identifier symbol individually for each used color of the bead \ cross stitch.
  • Setting the color contour around the bead \ cross individually for each used color palette.
  • The point of puncture of tissue with a needle with setting color, size and shape (for embrodery).
  • Black-and-white scheme.
  • Text watermarks, the output of the texture of the fabric.
  • Output schemes in PDF file, including all known variants of the scheme: a graphic image, a grid of symbols, a table of used colors, a color map, a word chart. Ability to set passwords for editing and printing.
  • Calculation and output of material consumption required for the design.
Beaded design ready art 'Rose Bouquet' created in bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'
  • Drawing beads (crosses) on the substrate of the original image (photo) in translucent mode.
  • Selection of an arbitrary design fragment and its editing.
  • Selection of the option to convert the colors of the original photo to the colors of the beads \ cross palette based on hsl, rgb and brightness\contrast models.
  • Design in shades of gray (generalization of black and white design).
  • Group substitute of used palette’s colors.
  • Reduce the number of palette colors used with a visual comparison of the result. The choice of colors used in the palette by the reflection, article and other characteristics of the beads.
  • Removal of individual isolated colors of beads (crosses).
  • Creation and use of beaded pattern libraries.
  • A design assembling from parts of other designs.
  • Conversion of computer fonts into letters with beads (crosses).
  • Text watermarks on design images.
  • Design with beads of main and smaller size.
  • Repeat the design in width and height.
  • Mirror image of the design.
  • Add and remove design rows and columns.
  • The selective application of group transformations colors in the palette to the specified parts of the design.
  • The ability to automate the creation of design for uploaded to the web server user’s photo.
  • Built-in bead inventory database.
  • Import files of other art design programs: BeadCreatorPro, etc.
  • Download from BnS website pictures of the great masters to create a design.
Bead-n-Stitch supports many design formats
Standard formatsCircular formatsUser-defined formats

BnS works with the following basic standard formats: loom, peyote, peyote2, …, peyote9, brick, sacted brick, RAW1 (right angle wave).Below is brick design format sample, created by Tina Bird. Beaded design scheme 'Bracelet' created in bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'  by Tina Bird

BnS has a unique opportunity – the creation of a circular format design. The number of circles can be from 1 to 7. Currently, the software is the only publicly available program in the world with such an opportunity. Beaded circle design format created in bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stiotch' by the prgram author

The user can set own design’s format. This format is based on any of the standard formats. Next, the user sets their rule for regular removal of the beads. This rule has the shape of a mask – a small rectangular table that marks the beads to be removed. Beaded user-defined design format created in bead pattern design program 'Bead-n-Stitch' by the program author

The program provides design creation with different bead’s (cross stitches) shapes at the same time

Bead’s shapes are following: Bead's shapes of bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'
Cross stitch shapes are next: Cross stitch's shapes of bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch' Also BnS works with back stitch and France knot.
At the request of our users, we are now working on new bead shapes:
  • the user draws the desired shape of beads;
  • the user adds a hole for any bead, set its shape and size.

A big example of BnS different features.

Here is an example of BnS following features (click on the picture to view it on a large scale)
  • Both beads and cross stitches at the same design.
  • Different geometric shapes of beads at the same design.
  • Partial design (face is without beads).
  • Display of the original image in the gaps between the beads.
  • Different bead sizes at the same design.
  • Black and white contours around all beads (it’s possible to use color contours).
  • Bonus feature! BnS allows creating a high resolution file for printing a design as a pdf or graphic – .jpg, .png or bitmap (.bmp) . The graphic files will be very large file and some third party applications may not be able to open them. Graphic file resolution is set by the user by entering the size of beads used in pixels. This enables them to determine the output resolution and the file size in pixels.
PS. There is soldering shape in the sample. The soldering is like a ball, but has an inner round hole. The original image is displayed inside the hole.
Bead's shapes of bead pattern program 'Bead-n-Stitch'

Easy create beaded design from photo or as blank canvas

In less than a minute your digital image can be imported into Bead-n-Stitch and converted into a designed pattern for a work of beaded or stitched art. Hundreds of palettes, sophisticated editing tools enable you to customize and perfect your artwork! Below is a simple example – how I made a beaded design layout of my favorite pet dog Open your selected image and follow the easy on screen prompts. Hundreds of bead and thread palettes are included with Bead-n-Stitch software. Select one or more for your image. Here we choose Miyuki Delica. Next choose the image and bead sizes, beads-per-inch, color conversion model, format and stitch. BnS offers default values for most parameters, so it’s easy to work even for beginners!

Design from scratch

Start “from scratch” with our Blank Canvas option. Select a grid size and shape, choose a palette (or palettes), and unleash your creativity. Beads or stitches, your design comes to life on the computer screen and becomes a pattern for your beaded bracelet, necklace, or other exquisite creation. Bead-n-Stitch is your talented assistant.

Import images

Import a digital image file from virtually any source as the base for your bead art or cross stitch project! Most popular file formats are supported – jpg, png, tif, bmp, gif, psd (Photoshop), wmf (Windows Meta File). Import photos, line art, drawings, anything digital. Quickly take your artwork through the process of conversion to beads from the hundreds of palettes in BnS. Edit beads, color corect, print your pattern.

Old Masters collection

Bead-n-Stitch includes digital files of over 2,000 of the most famous of the “Old Masters” paintings. Rembrandt, Degas, Van Gogh and hundreds of others. These images are no longer covered by copyright law and are free of royalties for your use. Whole paintings may be incorporated into beaded or stitched work, or a portion of a painting can be extracted for use in your finished art.

User Reviews

Bead-N-Stitch is amazing! I have been working with the program for about a week now, “WOW”! I do a lot of bead work and cross stitch designs. Having this program is making it so much easier. I can design for both at the same time instead of having to do 2 different programs to work on 1 pattern. I absolutely love the “Color Map”. It is one of the best things to have. When I cross stitch or bead I find it easier to identify the different colors or stitches one group at a time. Exporting the pattern with the Color Map gives me each color on its own page, I am tickled pink about it. The only thing else that I would love to have is a manual, but I’m told it is in the works. The big question is would I recommend this program? The answer is YES! Read More Pattie L Review


Support includes installation, registration, and bugs or anomalies encountered in the Bead-n-Stitch software. It does not apply to the elimination of problems caused by errors of third-party programs, including potential errors of their updates, including the Windows operating system. Of course, we will try to do everything in our power. But in the case of third-party software errors, we cannot guarantee their elimination in an acceptable time. Bead-n-Stitch is a highly intuitive application, and users have access to a comprehensive 400-page digital User Guide. The digital document is an excellent tool for helping people learn to use the vast array of features and functions in their new software. Suggestions for improving Bead-n-Stitch software are always welcome, and those suggestions, as well as any bug reports will be addressed directly by the developer, Igor Kotelevskii. Technical support of the program applies only to its most recent version, existing at the time of the error detection. If the user for some reason uses a different version of the program, then they are deprived of technical support.

User-Requested Features

Bead-n-Stitch is a living, evolving application that has reached its present feature-rich, highly efficient state by incorporating user requests and suggestions that were beneficial to the user base. There is no charge for these modifications and improvements. Bead-n-Stitch is, quite literally, a product of the beading and stitching communities. We always welcome your input. For example, here are some suggestions that have been incorporated into the current version of Bead-n-Stitch: + the circular design format + the display of a needle puncture point for embroidery with beads + the ability to automatically look up the color in the palette closest to the specified color in the design + displaying customizable color outlines around beads to identify the colors used in the palette + bead shape – a circle with a round hole, and many others! Please submit your suggestions here.

Free Demo for all our Bead Design Programs

Download a free, fully functional DEMO copy of Bead-n-Stitch on this website. It’s possible to download the manual separatelly on this website. The Demo includes the complete software manual. You can use all of the design features of the paid version, but files cannot be saved, and printed pieces have “DEMO” displayed in the image. NOTE: The latest versions of Windows 10 warns against downloading almost all applications from the Internet. BnS is secure, safe, and virus free, and has the industry safety seal, SSL! Quickly learn to take full advantage of the Bead-n-Stitch toolset. Access all of the bead shapes, threads for stitching, Miyuki Delica, Toho, and hundreds of other palettes. Unique design shapes, mix beads and stitches. You will see, and we are certain, be impressed by what Bead-n-Stitch offers artists from the hobbyist to the professional.

Tutorial – build a pattern with BnS

Watch Bead-n-Stitch in action! An excellent tutorial prepared for us by artist and writer Tina Bird uses a series of BnS command screens with explanatory text to step you through the process of creating a design and pattern. A poll of users convinced that this is a better teaching tool than video. Proceed at your own pace. Print out individual pages for reference. Click here to get started.
  • Multifunctional – 3 Apps in One Box! Design patterns for beads, cross stitch or simultaneously using both.
  • Design from a digital image, photo or “from scratch”.
  • Design for weaving and for embroidering.
  • Great Artists Paintings. Download from the BnS website.
  • Pre-made Design Collection. Download from the BnS website.
  • 400-Page Digital Manual. Download from BnS website.
  • Quick-Start Digital Guide. Download from website.


See samples of awesome bead and stitch art created with our Bead-n-Stitch Software.

Unique New Features

  • Round pattern format.
  • Different bead shapes in the same pattern – circle, oval, square, 5-and 6-pointed star, triangle, etc.
  • Different bead sizes in the same pattern.
  • Your own pattern format editor for non-standard weaving style.
  • Several palettes used in one pattern, using color palette editor.
  • Drawing by beads on the substrate of the original photo.
  • Isolated bead color reduction feature.

Bead-n-Stitch videos

1. Bead pattern design by your image(photo)
2. How to create beaded bracelet design
3. How to create circle(round) design by your photo
4. How to create geometrical stitching pattern
5. How to draw pillow cross stitch pattern design from blank canvas with symmetric drawing
6. How to draw butterfly cross stitch pattern design from blank canvas with symmetric drawing
7. How to find the best color of a given palette(Delica, TOHO, Twin, DMC) for any point in your photo
8. A difference between standard and artistic bead embroidery design
9. How to customioze palette color symbols in beaded design