MAC question

All our programs were designed for Windows. That doesn’t mean they can’t work on a Mac, just that they were compiled initially for a Windows operating system. And before you make the argument that the Mac is the platform more creative people use, it’s also a very small portion of the market. Apple has added functionality to all Macs that make it possible to run our software on their computers, and we like the arrangement thus far. So how do you run Bead-n-Stitch, BeadCreatorArt or PeyoteCreator on a Mac? Every new Mac lets you install and run Windows at native speeds, using a built-in utility called Boot Camp. Setup is simple and safe for your Mac files. After you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your Mac using either OS X or Windows. You can run the Windows operating system on your Mac at native speed—without the performance penalty that comes with software emulation or “virtual machines.” Windows applications have full access to multiple processors and multiple cores, accelerated 3D graphics, and high-speed ports and networking such as USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, AirPort, and Gigabit Ethernet as well as drivers for audio and Bluetooth functionality. If you’re using Mac OS X v10.5 or Mac OS X v10.6, the Boot Camp support software is on the Mac OS X installation DVD. For OS X Lion v10.7 or later Windows drivers are automatically downloaded from Boot Camp Assistant. To use Boot Camp, you need: An Intel-based Mac with a built-in keyboard, external USB keyboard, or an Apple supplied wireless keyboard, and a built-in trackpad, USB mouse, USB trackpad, or Apple supplied wireless mouse or trackpad. Mac OS X v10.5 or later. The latest firmware updates available for your Mac. Boot Camp Assistant, which is located in /Applications/Utilities/ . You can also open Launchpad and type Boot Camp Assistant in the search field. A DVD or downloaded (ISO) “full version” of Windows installation media. Boot Camp does not include Windows. We recommend Windows XP, but you can use any Windows operating system. Technically, Microsoft no longer supports XP but it can still be found for sale, and is still used by 50% of all PC’s still in operation. There are other programs available, like VMware, VirtualBox or WinOn X. VirtualBox is a free software from Oracle. We can provide support for it. Download it at You will need to purchase a Windows operating system for it. VMWare works very well with Bead-n-Stitch, BeadCreatorArt and PeyoteCreator, and we will provide support for it. Purchase price is typically $75 and will require the purchase of WIndows operating software. Learn more at WinOn X has very poor support from the manufacturer, and as such, we cannot provide support for it. When purchasing Bead-n-Stitch, BeadCreatorArt or PeyoteCreator, make sure you understand all that is needed to run our software on a Macintosh platform. We can help with the installation of your software on a Mac platform. We have many, many customers that use this as a way to run Bead-n-Stitch, BeadCreatorArt or PeyoteCreator with no problems, but we want you to be aware of the process before you purchase it.