Bead-n-Stitch software for bead design pattern from digital files or blank canvas | TileMosaic
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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TileMosaicDesigner – software for tile mosaic desing

Main features of software for tile mosaic desing creation

The software creates a classic tile mosaic pattern.

  • The pattern can be based on your photo \ image (a).
  • The software allows create random colors mix (b).
  • You can paint all tile’s colors manually (b).
  • You can select some of builded tile color palette or create your own palette from your tile’s photos.
  • You can print result tiled image any way you prefer – graphic image file (jpg) or PDF file.
  • Many options for printed result – whole design preview, assembling tiled boxes with necessary size (15 x 15, 29 x 29, etc.), summary used tile’s colors list.
a) Design from your photob) Random design colors mix
Design from your photo in TileMosaicDesigner software
Random design colors mix in TileMosaicDesigner software