Warped Square pattern design in PeyoteCreator program
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Warped Square

Warped Square

Warped Square pattern design – do you know what it is?

Warped square patter design is well known geometrical beading design. Belown is beading warped design sample. Warped Square design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software

Warped Square pattern design – why do you need it?

Warped square pattern design is used as a basis for creating more complex bead products. If you weave 5 such squares, bend them diagonally and connect them together in the correct way, you can get a 3-D 5-terminal star made of beads. And from 6 squares, you can get a 3-D 6-terminal star made of beads.

Peyote Star with 5 raysPeyote Star with 6 rays
3D Peyote Star with 5 rays design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
3D Peyote Star with 6 rays design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software

Warped Square pattern design – How can I draw this design?

PeyoteCreator program allows you to create a computer design of the Warped Square format. For today – July 12, 2021 – such the design format can be created only in this specialized program PeyoteCreator. Other programs for beads, such as, BeadTool, BeadGrapher, BeadCreator, Bead-n-Stitch, do not have such an opportunity. The program PeyoteCreator window when creating Warped Square design pattern

Classic option for Warped Square design

PeyoteCreator program allows you to create Warped Square design in both Classic and Uniform variants. As a rule we need Classic variant, for example, it uses for 5-terminal and 6-terminal 3-D stars. But it is poorly suited for importing a photo image, because Classic variant’s beads cover only about 40% of the surface area of the photo. To eliminate this drawback, the PeyoteCreator program offers the following. The program implements not only the Classic but also a Uniform version of Warped Square design. You can always convert one of the options to another. That is, you can import the colors of the photo into the colors of the palette of a Warped Square of Uniform shape, and then convert it to a Classic one. About this-the video below.

How to make warped square pattern, import picure on it and drawing in symmetric mode