Peyote triangle history
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History of beading

History of beading

Download version 1.04.02a realised on September 2, 2021.

The program “PeyoteCreator” appeared at September 2020. It has implemented the basic features of creating beading schemes in classical and geometric formats. Below is information about all versions of the program. The next version work is underway. We accept your suggestions on its capabilities –

Version 1.04.02a realised on September 2. One bug fixed.

Version 1.04.02 realised on September 1. Now import of picture colors for 3D Peyote Star design has 2 options regarding to the design side – import to one vizible side or import to both sides.

Version 1.04.01 realised on August 28. There is available a new geomertrical pattern format – 3D Peyote Star.

Version 1.03.09 realised on Jule 9. News of this version belongs to Word Chart output for 3D ball design. Now there is an option for output separate triangle image on whole PDF page.

Version 1.03.08 realised on Jule 2. All news belong to Warped Square pattern format. In prior program versions all beads of this format locates by nonstandard way – they locates uniformaly over whole square surface; it happened for same technical reasons. Now the beads can be arranged in a standard way, i.e. they are pressed as much as possible to the edges of the square, in the program this is called the “classic” type of design. The old version is also available, it is called the “uniform” design type. This option is available in the previous dialog for creating a design File \ New.
You can also change the type\appearance of an already created warped square – classic to uniform and vice versa. See main menu items “File \ Warped Square \ Classic Warped Square” and “File \ Warped Square \ Uniforf Warped Square”.

Version 1.03.07 realised on May 19, 2021. It has added following feature belongs to “Symmetric paint” dialog for Hexagon Triangle geometric pattern format. That pattern consists from 6 Peyote Triangles. Earlier the dialog allows repeating user drawing within separate triangle. Now it allows repainting the drawing on other triangles. There are 4 options
– repeat the drawing at all triangles,
– repeat the drawing through one triangle,
– repeat the drawing through two triangles,
– don’t repeat the drawing.

Version 1.03.06 realised on May 10, 2021. It has added 2 new columns to display the list of palette colors.
1st new column is “Symbols color identifiers”. Previously, such icon symbols were displayed at the beginning of the “Mfg code” column, clicking on the column sorted the colors by the value of the mfg code, it was impossible to sort the list of colors by the value of the symbol. This created a noticeable inconvenience when searching for the desired color in the palette by its symbol. Now this logical GUI design error is eliminated and you can easily find any color in the palette in the same way as we search the dictionary for a word by its 1st letter.
The 2nd new column “Color view” is displayed simply by filling the column rectangle with the corresponding color of the palette. Previously, such a color fill was like the background of the “Mfg code” column. The text of this code was visually confused with the fill color, plus there was an identifier symbol at the beginning of the column. Now all these elements are separated into separate columns, the width and display of which are adjusted independently.

Version 1.03.05 realised on April 24, 2021. Added the ability to create a collage by repeating the design by copying it a specified number of times horizontally and / or vertically. This feature can be useful when creating bracelets, etc. See the “Edit \ Repeat Design” main menu item.

Version 1.03.04 realised on April 13, 2021. It added code to compensate for the error of the March update of Windows 10, as a result of which the following error appeared in the program. When displaying a graphic design image (export to PDF and export to a graphic file), a monotonous black rectangle was displayed instead of a colored picture of beads. A kind of electronic analogue of the famous “black square” of Malevich.

Version 1.03.03 realised on March 04, 2021. There is an ability to show build process of the design assembling – some kind of dynamic word chart. See the main menu item “Service \ Show build process”.

Version 1.03.02 realised on March 1, 2021. Fixed bug in “Edit color group” dialog. Simplified GUI of the dialogs “Edit color group” and “Change palette”.

Version 1.03.01 realised on February 25, 2021. Added the ability to create a 3-dimensional ball beading scheme. See the main menu item File \ Composite \ 3d ball.

Version 1.02.04 realised on January 24, 2021. Added the ability to output a word chart in the form of columns for schemes of geometric beadving formats. Additional formatting options for this output have also been added.

Version 1.02.03 realised on January 8, 2021. Added the ability to remove and restore the beads of the scheme.

Version 1.02.02 realised on December 18, 2020. Added the ability to import images from a graphic file into the colors of the beads of the scheme. See the main menu item File \ Import picture colors.

Version 1.02.01 realised on October 20, 2020. Added the ability to create a word chart of the schemes of geometric formats in the form of a PDF document.

Version 1.01.01 realised on September 1, 2020. It implements the basic functions of creating beading schemes in classical and geometric formats.