Bead-n-Stitch software for bead design pattern from digital files or blank canvas | Video
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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Video how our programs work

1) Bead-n-Stitch2) BeadCreatorArt3) PeyoteCreator4) TileMosaicDesigner

How to find the best color of a given palette(Delica, TOHO, Twin, DMC) for any point in your photo


Quick start with Peyote Triangle creation

List of availabe classic and geometric pattern formats

How create word chart for Peyote Triangle

Adjust pattern colors

How set up symbols-ID of palette colors in word chart

Symmetric paint in Peyote Triangle

New Word Chart formats

How to use Palette Editor to find the best palette colors for any area of any photo

How to create a Peyote Triangle for 3d ball

How import image into 2-drop peyote bracelet