Bead-n-Stitch software for bead design pattern from digital files or blank canvas | Video
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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Software video lessons


You can create a scheme with beads or cross stitches by your photo and from scratch. The typical procedure for creating a scheme is as follows: to create the schema by the photo, reduce used palette colors, remove separate isolated bead’s color. Below are some video tutorials on this and other issues.

The software author Svetlana Volkova Tanya Smirnova
1. Scheme creation by a photo
2. Reduceing of used palette colors
3. The removal of isolated colors of the beads
4. Partial design and Stoyanka Ivanova style design
5. Round and partial design
6. Selection of the color conversion
7. Design in shades of gray
8. Ready design export into a graphic file
9. Ready design export into a PDF file
10.Work with fragments of the schema
11.Patterns library
12.Beads deleting by mask (own weaving format)

BeadCreator Artistic

1. Modification in “BeadCreator Artistic” a design created by “Bead-N-Stitch”

1. An overview, drawing tools
2. Different types of beads; ready design appearance customization; color – browse, replace and delete
3. Editing of full design and selected area, pattern library
4. Pattern assembling from other patterns, adding of text by beads
5. Palette editor, bead’s palette Preciosa
6. Bead weaving, creating of open-circuits (harnesses, straps)
7. Design creation from your photo and its editing
8. The drawing on the substrate of the original image
Comprehensive lesson on working with the program – creation from a photo of the scheme of full and partial design, selection of used beads by its glare, reducing the number of used palette colors, replacing one color with another, manual editing of the background and contours of the picture, working with a fragment of design, the removal of isolated bead’s colors, creating and using of a pattern library, including their mirror reflection turn clockwise and anticlockwise etc.
1. Icons embroidery. T.Smirnova (26 minutes)
Beads embroidery by photo in 5 fringes parts of:
2. Beads embroidery by photo, part 1 (9 minutes)
3. Beads embroidery by photo, part 2 (3 minutes)
4. Beads embroidery by photo, part 3 (7 minutes)
5. Beads embroidery by photo, part 4 (14 minutes)
6. Beads embroidery by photo, part 5 (6 minutes)
Elena Ivanova
Partial design creation (35 minutes)


BeadCreator Artistic

Tanya Smirnova lessons
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5

For additional info write to the softwares autor on or call by number +7-905-745-26-07