Bead-n-Stitch sofware can create cross stitch pillows design
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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Cross stitch pillows

Bead-n-Stitch – some features

Bead-n-Stitch allows create cross stitch design. In the works of Lyubov Mullakhmetov cross stitch cushions occupies a special place. National motifs are often used as themes, which gives the works a special flavor. A characteristic feature of cross-stitch patterns of such pillows is their 4-fold symmetry-both in height and width. To simplify the creation of embroidery schemes of such drawings, the program Bead-n-Stitch offers a special tool-a mirror image of the scheme. Design by sample dialog of 'Bead-n-Stitch' software. The program easily allows you to repeat the embroidery pattern, performing its mirror reflection vertically and horizontally. In other words, it is enough to draw only any quarter of the drawing, and the program will do the rest. In this case, it will perform a “mirror turn” of incomplete cross stitches — 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, petit. Below are several schemes of pillows for free downloading. All of them created by Luba Myllaxmetova. Mouse click an image to seeing it in big size.

Christmas snowflake, click here to download the scheme.
Cross stitch pattern of the pillow 'Christmas snowflake' created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'. Photo cross-stitch pillows 'Christmas snowflake', the scheme of which is created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'.
Ornament ‘Ytochi, click here to download the scheme‘.
Scheme of cross-stitch pillows ornament'Ytochi', created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'. Photo of cross-stitch pillows ornament 'Ytochi', created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'.
Lilys, click here to download the scheme‘.
Scheme of cross-stitch pillows 'Lilys', created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'. Photo of cross-stitch pillows Lilys, created by the program 'Bead-n-Stitch'.

How to draw pillow cross stitch pattern design from blank canvas with symmetric drawing