3D Peyote Pod

3D Peyote Pod

PeyoteCreator allows making 3D Peyote Pod as well as 3D Brick Pod. It can convert 3D Pod form from Peyote to Brick and back. The program provides the Pod output into PDF document and into graphics file (jpg, png, bmp). The PDF output includes color diagram, word chart and used colors list to create real 3D Peyote or Brick Pod.

3D Pod beading design created in PeyoteCreator software

3D Pod our program basic features

There are following interesting and useful features in the program:

  • symmetric drawing in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions,
  • adding and removing the pod rows,
  • import loaded picture colors into the pod image,
  • replace selected palette color to another color on whole pattern at one step.

How to create a 3D Pod, symmetric draw, import photo add rows in it