Bead-n-Stitch software for bead design pattern from digital files or blank canvas | PeyoteCreator
Creating beading schemes in geometric and classic formats: peyote triangle, wraped square, classic peyote, brick, etc. Import photos. Output of a word chart. Built-in palette editor for bead palette.
Create beading patterns, peyote triangle, wraped square, peyote,peyote-2,brick,right angle wave,word chart,import photo into design
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PeyoteCreator is our new software for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork creation

The software creates such beading pattern formats as Peyote Triangle, Wrapped Square and their generalizations into 5, 6, 7,…, 12 zones. Also it creates variation of Peyote Triangle beading. Of course, the software creates all known class peyote formats and many other – peyote1-9, brick, RAW1, etc.

a) Peyote triangleb) Wrapped Squarec) 5-angles peyoted) 7-angles peyotee) Round Peyote Trianglef) Peyote
Peyote Triangle design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
Wrapped Square design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
5-angles peyote design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
7-angles peyote design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
Round Peyote Triangle design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
Classic peyote design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software

PDF output

Ready beading design can be printed in pdf document. There is word chart section in the document.

PDF document sectionsWord chart sampleUsed color's list sample
PDF output consists from following sections:
  • The document properties.
  • Design preview.
  • Used color’s list.
  • Word chart.
  • Color map.
PDF document options for PeyoteCreator application
Here is Word Chart sample. The sample has following options:
  • Direction = closkwise.
  • How to group beads = Each side in own column.
  • 1st bead in sequence = Last bead of last side./li>
  • Skip count numbering for one bead = [OFF].
  • Color text output = [YES].
Word Chart sample for PeyoteCreator application
Used color's list sample for PeyoteCreator application

PeyoteCreator price is $55 US

It’s possible to pay througt PayPal.
After payment you will receive:

  • electronic payment receipt,
  • web-link to download the commercial version of the program,
  • detailed instructions for installing the program,
  • personal serial number for your copy of the program.

All payments in United States of America dollar (USA $)

List of availabe classic and geometric pattern formats

How create word chart for Peyote Triangle

Adjust pattern colors

How set up symbols-ID of palette colors in word chart

Symmetric paint in Peyote Triangle