Artistic bead embroidery software
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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BeadCreatorArt is a program for creating artistic beaded design

Before buying the program for bead design you can download the demo version with built-in documentation.
Differences from the commercial version: there isn’t saving of work results to hard disk; when printing the finished work, the inscription DEMO is added.
Creating a beaded design in the program BeadCreatorArt

The program has unique features that are not present in any other analogues, including Bead-n-Stitch, BeadCreatorPro, BeadTool, etc.

  • Drawing is possible at any point of the canvas: there is no usual binding to the square-nest grid, so the contours and details of the original image are transmitted more accurately, you fully realize your artistic intent,
  • It’s a possible to use in one artistic work beads of different sizes and different shapes from any palette of beads,
  • Beads on the scheme can be represented by ovals. They are oriented along the direction of the thread-horizontally, vertically or at an angle. This image of the beads exactly corresponds to the real embroidery and gives the work 3d volume.

Comparison of bead design programs Bead-n-Stitch and BeadCreatorArt

Bead-n-Stitch (BnS) BeadCreatorArt (BCA)
Price $100 Price $120
1) BnS allows you to quickly and easily create a standard design with a “square-nest” arrangement of beads. This predetermined ‘technological’ arrangement of beads has nothing to do with the contours of the image and makes it a certain distortion.
1) BCA allows you to create a design with an arbitrary arrangement of beads at any point of the canvas. This makes it possible to accurately convey any contours of the image, for example, to draw a person’s face or display the texture of the surface.
 Square-nesting arrangement of beads in the program Bead-n-Stitch Arbitrary arrangement of beads in the program BeadCreatorArt
The program independently assigns the location of all beads and their color. In the future, you can adjust only the color and shape of the beads. It is impossible to change a beads location on a canvas. The location of all the beads the user draws on their own. In addition to drawing individual beads, it is possible to draw simple groups of beads – “thread beads”, “straight line”, “circle”, etc. You can always change the location, color, and shape of the beads.
2) All beads of the same design have the same size. 2) You can use beads of different sizes in one design, the number of such sizes is not limited.
3) In BnS all beads are located horizontally always.
BCA automatically orients the beads along the thread, as an option the user can rotate any bead by himself. The bead is usually shaped like a “bagel with a hole” (torus). After attaching the thread, the bead becomes on the edge and in the projection on the plane of embroidery resembles an ellipse oriented along the threadSewn bead becomes in BCA program on the edge. The directions of the individual strands are different, so the orientations of the beads of the different strands are differen. BCA itself orients the beads, based on the directions of the threads connecting them, which are drawn by a user. This allows you to create a more realistic three-dimensional image of embroidery, and most importantly-the scheme accurately conveys the location of the real sewn beads.
Beads of different sizes in artistic design of the program BeadCreatorArt
This is how Bead-n-Stitch draws a circle of beads
How Bead-n-Stitch draws a circle of beads
This is how BeadCreatorArtistic draws a circle of beads
How BeadCreatorArtistic draws a circle of beads

In other words, BeadCreatorArt is a program for self-drawing beads on top of an existing picture on a “computer” canvas with a computer implementation of the operations of selecting the color of beads and controlled adjustment of the overlap of beads. Bead-n-Stitch is a program for the complete computer creation of beading schemes. Therefore, to make an embroidery scheme in BeadCreatorArt program is much more difficult and longer than in BnS. To work successfully in BeadCreatorArt, the user needs more artistic skills. But the possibilities for the design of the scheme at BCA on the order of magnitude greater than that of Bead-n-Stitch.


In addition, works in BeadCreatorArt technique on canvas are sewn much easier than in the usual “square-nest” technique of Bead-n-Stitch. Apparently, this feature of embroidery can be explained as follows. Small irregularities stitching square-nest scheme are visible immediately, because they are well emphasized by the adjacent rows of beads. When embroidery surface slight deviation sewn beads from its location on the scheme can be perceived as the intention of the author. It’s like playing the guitar-on a classical guitar, you can immediately see any small defect in performance, and on an electric guitar, many defects are perceived as a special sound effect of noise, impact, click, etc.

BeadCreatorArt – examples of schemes and already finished works created in this program

Author Tania Smirnova
BCA design Finished work
Design of Savior icon, created in the program BeadCreatorArt Finished icon of the Savior, created in the program BeadCreatorArt
Author Anna Petrova
Design 'awake', created in the program BeadCreatorArt Finished work 'awake', created in the program BeadCreatorArt
Author Natalia Bessonova
Finished work of Natalia Bessonova', created in the program BeadCreatorArt
Author Elena Bilenko
Design of still life 'pomegranates', created in the program BeadCreatorArt Finished work still life 'pomegranates, created in the program BeadCreatorArt
Author Irina Matveeva

Design 'Girl-bird', created in the program BeadCreatorArt

For comparison, below are the schemes performed in the Bead-n-Stitch and BeadCreatorArt programs based on the same source image. The author of these works is Smirnova Tatiana

Bead-n-Stitch, the beads orientation is not exists. BeadCreatorArt, the beads are oriented along the threads.
Design 'Child, created in the software 'BeadCreatorArt' Finished work 'Child’, created in the software 'BeadCreatorArt'

Design “Black cat”. The author of that work is one of the software users.

Design 'Black cat', created in the software 'BeadCreatorArt'