3D Peyote Star pattern can be make by PeyoteCreator program
Program for 3d peyote star design
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3D Peyote Star

3D Peyote Star

3D Peyote Star from PeyoteCreator program

You can find very much Internet resources with ready 3D peyote star patterns, for example this. As a rule the patterns are paid and you cannot make some changing in it. Instead of it Peyote Creator program allows you doing that. With the program you can making 3D Peyote Star graph as you prefer. You ever may put your own image on the graph.

  • Peyote Stars can be with a different number of rays – 4, 5 6, 7, … 12.
  • Peyote Stars may consists from any rows number.
  • You can use about 50 popular predefined builded in palettes (Delica, Toho, Twin, Preciosa, etc.) or create custom palette by bead’s color images with PaletteCreator, which is the program part.
  • It’s possible to import any image from jpg, png or bmp file over both peyote star sides.
  • PeyoteCreator allows you manually edit a peyote star bead’s colors and shapes. The program easily allows you to replace one used color with another and visually compare the old and new coloring options.
  • Created 3D Peyote Star can be separated on warped squares and printed as word chart into PDF file.
  • Ready 3D Peyote Star can be printed into graphic file with used bead’s color list.

Peyote Star with 5 raysPeyote Star with 6 raysPeyote Star with 4 rays
3D Peyote Star with 5 rays design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
3D Peyote Star with 6 rays design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software
3D Peyote Star with 4 rays design pattern created in PeyoteCreator software

PeyteCreator has 3D Peyote Star Symmetric Drawing feature

PeyoteCreator program allows edit both colors and shape of all peyote star beads. There are several standard drawing tools as pencil, line, filled recrangle and filled circle. But the program has unique drawing tool “Symmetric Drawing” which makes it much easier to draw symmetrical stars. The basic idea is that the user draws using standard tools, and the program repeats this drawing symmetrically in the specified areas.
PeyoteCreator program edit 3D Peyote Star colors in symmetric drawing mode

PeyteCreator allows import any image on 3D Peyote Star

PeyteCreator allows import any image on both or only one side of 3D Peyote Star. It’s possible to import different images on different 3D Peyote Star sides.

PeyoteCreator import image window3D Peyote Star with imported image
PeyoteCreator software 'import image' window
3D Peyote Star with image imported by PeyoteCreator software