Bead-n-Stitch software for bead design pattern from digital files or blank canvas | Comparison of BnS and BeadCreatorPro6 programs
Bead-n-Stitch software enhances the creation by hobbyists and professionals of unique patterns and designs for beading and stitching art from digital files, photographs or from a blank canvas. Free Demo. 24/7 support by author.
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Comparison of BnS and BeadCreatorPro6 programs

This list the features of Bead-n-Stitch (BNS) and compares them to BeadCreator Pro 6 (BCP)
Feature BNS BCP
The most latest build date 2021 2006
1) Design type
Convert image to a pattern + +
Create designs from scratch + +
2) Design format
Standard formats: loom, brick, 1-9 drop peyote, RAW stitches + +
Non standard formats: Circle format +
New user-defined masks and color shapes combine with all pattern formats +
3) Design materials
Beads + +
Cross Stitches +
Beads & Cross stitches at the same time +
4) Bead’s shapes
The same bead’s shape in the design + +
Different bead’s & cross stitch’s shapes at the same time
– Beads: Square (2 options), Cylinder (2 options), Ball (4 options), Oval (4 options), Rhomboid (2 options), Triangle (4 options), Star of David, Hexagon, Octagon, Soldering (like a ball, but has an inner round hole);
– Cross stitches: Full cross, 3/4 cross (4 options), 1/2 cross (2 options), 1/4 cross (4 options), petit (4 options), back stitch, France knot.
5) Bead’sizes
One bead’s size simultaneously + +
Smaller multiple bead’s sizes (1/2, 1/3, 1/4) simultaneously with the main size +
6) Different color models
Only one standard color model while color conversion from original image to palette colors +
Three( 3 ) different color models while color conversion from original image to palette colors: Sun, Moon, Venus +
Grayscale design +
Search the palette for the color closest to the specified palette color +
7) Partial design
Display the original image instead of the specified beads +
8) Design editing features
Standard color editor + +
Intelligent Color Reduction + +
Intelligent Separated Color Removing +
Intelligent Color Group Editing +
Delete individual beads by color +
Sub-design library creation and library using for pattern editing + +
Edit selected small pattern part (fragment) +
Preview original and pattern simultaneously + +
9) Palettes
Create custom color palettes, fully accessible + +
One palette in one design + +
Several different palettes using for the same design +
10) Analysis of palette colors location on design
One or more of the specified colors can be displayed brightly, the other colors are displayed muted +
By clicking the mouse on the bead can be highlighted the same color beads
– all design beads,
– adjacent nearest beads
When you move the mouse over the design, the program can automatically highlight adjacent beads of the same color as the bead under the mouse +
11) Various options for displaying & printing the finished design image
Display one grid on top of the design + +
Displaying two grids on top of the design +
Display the original image in the gaps between the beads +
Displaying special symbols on top of the beads to identify the used palette colors; each symbol can be displayed with different color and size +
Color contours displaying around the beads to identify the used palette colors +
The display of the points of puncture of tissue with a needle for attaching beads +
12) Export \ import
Import/export JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP formats + +
Export beaded image into graphical (JPG, PNG, BMP) file with user-defined higher graphical resolution DPI +
Watermark beaded images (JPG, PNG, BMP) + +
Using special effects for watermark text (gradient, shadow) +
Export to native PDF + +
Extended additional PDF export section and options, PDF grid output in vector format +
13) Other possibilities
No third-party app needed + +
Edit & print password file protection + +
Free updates to software in same version number (i.e. 4.1 to 4.2) + +
Reasonable upgrade path for version number changes (i.e. 4.1 to 5.0) + +
Create single pattern books for resale +